April 16, 2024

2009-11-04 14.50.02It is so rare in this country to find any airport facilities that cater to smokers, so I have to take a moment to tip my hat to Houston, where I discovered this civilized smoking lounge the other day in Terminal E at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.  The way the light cut through the buildings, created a perfect rectangle of sunlight, like a stage.  Just out of view, two women – as if preparing an unwilling prop for their entrance – were struggling with an overstuffed suitcase that would not close despite extensive rearranging of its contents.  Eventually as one of the women sat down on the case and lit up a cigarette, the other managed to snap the luggage locks into place.  It made for an an entertaining little smoke break on an otherwise arduous day of layovers.  Thank you, Houston.

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