cormorant sunset

I’ve been observing these beautiful black birds from my safety of my pool over the past few days as they dive into the lagoon to catch a snack of fish. Tonight, however, they are perched on the roofline, holding their wings out as if in supplication to the sun as it slinks past the horizon.

live blog: burning up the sky

Sailing around the Dodecanese islands all this time I’ve yet to see a less than impressive sunset. However, tonight in Olympos – from my vantage point outside a windmill worthy of Cervantes – the performance was especially spectacular. Burning the color of hot lava as it approached the horizon, the sun appeared to cleave the Aegean before quickly sinking out of view, leaving a flare of vermilion phosphorescence in its wake.


One of the ancillary benefits of this particular location: little line on the horizon, which means a stellar sunrise in one direction and a spectacular sunset in the other. Returning to the rigors of civilization is going to be constricting.

live blog: sunrise, sunset

On my final night into day at The Lodge at Doonbeg I had the dubious whiskey-fueled distinction of witnessing both the sunset and sunrise from the 18th green of the Greg Norman-designed links course. The sky was a sight, each time in its own breathtaking way.

at sunset the gazelle come out to dance

savannah sunset

In case you haven’t noticed, my time in Africa has been markedly overcast: the colors muted and a little bit dull. Today was a bright, sunshine day at last. (And hot, too.) It led to this remarkably evocative sunset. And even better – finally – a night sky soaked in stars.

bucket list: 2010 – june

PUNTA MITA:  Is there anything better than room service at a Four Seasons?  Actually, there is: a lounge chair lunch on the beach at Four Seasons Punta Mita, looking out at the Pacific Ocean. Some hotels treat you like a guest; others make you feel like a king.  Take me back to Punta Mita anytime:  I was treated like visiting royalty – even down to the stunning Mexican sunsets.  (Though I must give special props to Imanta, too, on the road to Sayulita.  The ceviche was inspired and the spectacle of thousands of crabs migrating down from the hills was a scene out of a horror film I won’t soon forget.)

sunset, top-of-the-world

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