a toe in the water



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la jolla laissez faire

La Jolla is a small coastal village with left-leaning sensitivities just up the road from San Diego. It’s craggy coastline alternates caves, bluffs, and small stretches of sandy beach which are favored by the local populations of both seals and people. It’s one of the prettiest parts of southern California, with an off-the-beaten-track veneer and laid-back attitude to match. You get the sense that people once came to La Jolla and, smitten, never left. (Today, however, they’d have to be able to afford its premium oceanfront prices.) Speaking of premium prices, Mitt Romney has a house here – John McCain, too – so the town’s about to descend into notoriety to some degree. But don’t let their potential presence fool you: La Jolla is a true blue as it’s endless Pacific views.

a whale of a tail

The Jack Nicklaus-designed Pacifico course at Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita – where I happily spent four cosseted days – features one of the coolest par 3’s in the game:  3B, the world’s only natural island green, nicknamed The Tail of the Whale due to the giant mammals that surface off the coast during the annual winter migration.  I won’t pretend to have parred the hole – or even to have played for that matter – but at low tide I did trek out along the breakwater just to see what all the fuss is about.  Something tells me there’s a veritable army of stray golf balls residing at the bottom of the Pacific.

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